Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands. Simply cover scoop jaws with plastic bag and avoid the sensation of picking up any animal waste.


Portible dog poop scooper. Simple to use, and contains one roll which is 15 indiviual dog poop bags. 


Also all bags are compostable so no need to have wasted plastics.

Pop one in the scooper and off you go.

Common questions

Q:What size should I get for my dog?

A:We recommend a small-sized scooper for dogs that weigh less than 50 lbs(22kg), and a large scooper for dogs 50 lbs(22kg) and up.


Q:Does the scooper come with bags?

A:Yes, it includes 1 roll waste bag for each scooper.


Q:Can I use my own bag?

A:Yes, but we recommend using the bags in this listing. It fits perfectly! Just be sure to pick the matching size for your scooper when purchasing our bags.

Travel Pooper Scooper + Compostable Bags