Get All samples of the popular The Pawfume Shop Brand for you to try

Grab yourself 17 x 2ml samples of the pawfume shop products

With these 2ml sample bottles you can try out the different products or give some away as a gift to friends & family.

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Monthly Pawfume Subscribers: This product will be sent out within the 2nd week of each month, and should take around 3-7 days for delivery. If you plan to get the monthly send out in the second week we highly recomend you sign up 48hours before otherwise you will have to wait the following month. To cancel subscription you must e-mail and provide your full name, e-mail and address. You can also go into your payment system and cancel there as well.


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Which one is best for your pooch?
Out for a walk but your dog jumped in a lake or gets dirty?


Keep one of these in your bag and forget about it, perfect for an emergency & never leave your home again without a little Pawfume in your bag.


Brand new and never used
All colognes are camomile based and great for your dog's skin

This scent and others in the Pawfume Shop range have been modelled after some of our favourite popular human perfumes to allow pets to also have that VIP treatment.


You will get the following products in this order:

All The Pawfume Fragrances; T'Alien, Dog in a Million, Toto Chienelle, Baby Powder, Fur-Eternity, Opuppium, Jinny Chow, Opuppium Noir, She's A dog in a Million, John Paw Gotea, Snoop!, D'o'G, CKnine, Tropical Tails, Breed, A*Paw, Angelick


Hazards :

Flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation, If eye irritation occurs seek medical advise, remove contact lenses.  Toxic to aquatic Life. Flash Point 23C.

Precautions : Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not Ingest. Store in a cool well ventilated place. May produce an allergic reaction.

The Pawfume Shop 17 x 2ml Samples