This dog finger toothbrush features soft brush material and allows you to reach hard to clean areas to remove tartar and plaque without the risk of hard bristles hurting your pooch.


EASY TO USE: Using a Finger toothbrush is as simple as using your own toothbrush. Be sure to reward your pet with compliant behaviour to ensure a pleasant cleaning experience for both pet and parent. The head design contributes to less brush strokes, making for toothbrush efficient.


PREVENT BAD BREATHE: Using proactive dental care on your pet will ensure good hygiene. It will remove bad breathe from your pets mouth keeping gum disease non-existent.


BENEFITS OF BRUSHING YOUR DOGS TEETH: Prevent the build-up of plaque, tartar, and calculus. Prevent gingivitis and gum disease.


Super Soft Finger Dog Toothbrush