Due to the amount of empty bottles we get from The Pawfume shop after the samples we are currently selling the empty bottles for buisness who wish to display them in the window or inside their shop.


Please Read: This product is empty, if you want the full size bottle please purchase the 100ml bottles on our site which start from £9.99. 


Before you order you must e-mail BEFORE you buy, at info.apawfectgift@gmail.com and state which empty bottles you would like and how many, due to stock levels we can tell you if we have those particular bottles to send out. If you place an order before you e-mail us your order will not get proceesed and may get canceled automatically.


Quality   Due to the bottles being in storage some of the bottles may have a few small dents and nicks, we will provide photos for you before sending and shall always try to send the better ones we have in stock.


Delivery: Due to the low cost of the bottles we have to charge P&P and will come with a tracking number.

Empty Bottle of The Pawfume Shop