Grab this amazing Dog or Pet gift for your loved ones. Convert your pet photo into an amazing digital watercolour style for you to print on the medium of your choice.


Please note this product is ONLY for the digital file which will be in 300dpi (or the highest resolution you have provided the original photo in)

Requirements: Once you have made an order you will be contacted by our partners Gcreate, who will require a photograph which contains your pet. This photo must be at the highest resolution possible, don't worry if you are not sure our good partners Gcreate will be able to help you with the process and resolution to get the best possible result possible.


Delivery: Once the photo has been delivered and Gcreate have deemed it ok to proceed please allowed 24hours before an e-mail will be sent with the new image attached. Your image will be provided in PDF and at 300dpi (or closest resolution possible that was from the original photo) From this PDF you are able to go to different printing companies to get it printed for your home.


Printing services: Currently A Pawfect Gift does not provide a printing service to go along with this serice, however we are looking into getting one integrated with our store. You can however ask Gcreate for recomendations or help and they may be able to provide a solution.

Custom Digital WaterColour image