We are at Groom Fest Virtual 2020

2020 has not been the best year, and it also means many of the dog festivals we normally go to have either been canceled or changed in some way or another.

However we are very happy to announce that Groom Fest which normally provide a location and stalls each year, are still going ahead with Groom Fest 2020 but instead of a physical location (which they can't due to restrictions) have done a virtual festival on Sunday 27th September.

We are very lucky that The Pawfume Shop have asked us to team up with them to provide customers, dog groomers, and wholesalers an opportunity to sell all their items (plus ours) in one big store which their current website can't provide. You can visit our joint store by clicking here:

Groom Fest Virtual 2020 isn't just our virtual store however, there are many other brands such as Simpsons, Petstar, Hownd, Milly's, Dogkind...the list goes on. You can check their stalls as well as our own on the 27th September 2020 at 9am to 5pm by clicking the link here:

The virtual event itself is free and is mainly aimed for education and shopping for groomers, however anyone can join and experience the festival. There are also FREE seminars from industry leading groomers and professionals which you can attend.

If you go to before Sunday they will ask for an email which we recommend you do as soon as possible if you are intrested, as they will be able to provide much information than we currently can.

We look forward to seeing current and new customers, and would love for you all to like our social media page and sign up to our newsletter for new and exciting deals or events that might come up in the future.