Dog or Clown Illusion - We Help You See Both

We love all animals at A Pawfect Gift, and we noticed this image of a dog or clown going around. So we thought we give everyone a helping hand if they are finding it difficult in finding the clowns face.

If you like to see the dog, attempt to look towards the top of the head, where you will see the dog's eyes. You could also see the dog if you look at the right side of the picture where the dogs back legs are, and move your eyes upwards and to the left towards the head. Most people see the dog straight away, so hopefully most of you shouldn't have any problems.

If you want to see the clown however look at the points we have drawn on the image. We have covered the dogs eyes and and look towards the mouth. One of the clowns eyes is the dog's nose, and the clowns mouth is simply beneath the white fur on the dog's mouth.

It's pretty crazy how this came about and how similar the illusion is to the "is it black and blue or white and gold?" dress that made its rounds back in 2015.

We think the dog looks far cuter and more pleasing than the creep clown. Remember if you have any cute dogs and want to pamper them why not visit our dog only section on our store by clicking here:

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