50 Popular Male Cat Names UK

A new cat or kitten can bring so much joy to someone's life. Most young cats seem to go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye and then slow down due to old age like we all do. One thing is for sure you will need to name your cat that will last for the rest of his life.

Here are the top 50 male cat names in the UK, these stats are from the amazing website which we highly recommend you use if you are still unsure what name to pick.

  1. Simba

  2. Milo

  3. Alfie

  4. Felix

  5. Archie

  6. Binx

  7. Bear

  8. Jasper

  9. Finn

  10. Charlie

  11. Biscuit

  12. Oreo

  13. Arlo

  14. Blue

  15. Gizmo

  16. Tiger

  17. Casper

  18. Bailey

  19. Caesar

  20. Coco

  21. Yoshi

  22. Meeko

  23. Otis

  24. Nugget

  25. Bacon

  26. Waffles

  27. Oscar

  28. Ziggy

  29. Tigger

  30. Chewie

  31. Cookie

  32. Louie

  33. Angel

  34. Banjo

  35. Whiskers

  36. Bingo

  37. Buddy

  38. Teddy

  39. Figaro

  40. Mr. Bigglesworth

  41. Angus

  42. Barney

  43. Boots

  44. Moon

  45. Axel

  46. Ali

  47. Percy

  48. Bowie

  49. Brownie

  50. Amos

Did any of these make the cut? Remember to also check out our Cat store section to keep your funny furball happy.

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