4 ‘Pawfect’ Ways to Make Your Dog’s Christmas Extra Special This Year (2021)

Having extra quality time to spend with our furry friends is one of the greatest things about

the festive season. More opportunities for snuggles on the sofa by the warm fire, for going

on long walkies in the frost, and for family to come around and fight for their attention with

non-stop fun and games. It truly is pawsome.


Michael Buble might just have been right all along when he sings, ‘all I want for Christmas is you’, as long as ‘you’ refers to a pooch, of course. But how can you ensure this ‘Crimbo is extra special for your dog? We’re here to help you find out…

1) Get them some dog-friendly chocolate!

As you’ll know (we hope you do!), dogs are very sadly not allowed to eat chocolate as it

contains theobromine which is poisonous for pets. The good thing is, you can quite often

find dog-friendly products from Christmas markets, so why not head down to one with your

pet and open a whole new door into the world of dog-friendly chocolate for them? They’ll

be in their very own winter wonderland if you do!

2) Have a photoshoot!

If you have a smartphone and social media, you’ve quite probably taken a selfie at some

stage, so why not take a selfie (or 100!) with your pet and share their cuteness with the

world? There are all sorts of things you can do with your smartphone camera, including

filters, slow-mos and time lapses – the scope for creativity is endless! Who knows, if you

take enough shots, your pooch may just become the dog version of a famous influencer like

Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez or Joe Sugg!

3) Treat them to their very own personalised harness!

We’re not sure about you, but near enough every walk we go on we see a dog wearing a

harness with their name on it. It’s become a trend in 2021, and if you haven’t already

jumped on the bandwagon, we suggest you do. Pooches are always smiling when they’ve

got their own personalised dog harness on because they don’t pull like a lead does, and

they’re reflective, meaning their comfort and safety are always a number one priority on

every walk you go on. As for their name on the side? Well, that’s just super cool if you ask

us, and we didn’t need to tell you that, you’ll know that when you see them on our website!

Just type in ‘personalised no pull reflective adjustable dog harness’ and it’ll be right there

waiting for you!

4) Make them feel like a celebrity with some Pawfume!

Last but not least, and it’s another Pawfect Gift idea for you to consider. If you want your

pet to feel like a celebrity, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Another trend at

the moment is pooches having their very own ‘Pawfume’ because, well, we all know they

can get rather smelly quite often! Available in a variety of scents from ‘Toto Chienelle’ to

‘Fur-Eternity’ to ‘Opuppium’ and more than a dozen others, we’ve got just the treat for your

pooch, and we bet you they’ll feel a million dollars. Just imagine them strutting along on a

Boxing Day walk to the park in their new personalised harness and smelling amazing. Now if

that’s not enough to convince you to get some Pawfume for your dog, I’m not sure what is.