Auto Renew FAQ

Can I Auto Renew any product on your website?

No the Auto Renew feature is only available on products on the Auto Renew page

When will I get my next Auto Renew Order

When you select the auto renew feature on a product it will auto renew either a day, week, or month from the original date you have purchased the product. If we are unable to process a payment on the next date because of an issue from your bank or paypal then we will not be able to process the order. Best contact us so we can tell you whats happing at our end, but you might need to contact your payment provider to sort out any issues.

I no longer want Auto Renew on a product

Not to worry, all you need to do is contact us at and we can then cancel your auto renew manually, alternatively you are able to do it yourself by logging into your paypal or bank account you use to pay for the auto renew product originally. (But its best to contact us directly first so theres no issue) Please note if you abuse the auto renew feature by ordering and canceling a product multiple times, we will no longer allow you to use that feature with us.

I want different options on my next order

If the product you have picked had some options such as design, fragrance etc we will normally e-mail you when the order comes through again to make sure what options you would like. Please note this option is only aviable if it states it in the product description, if you want a different option that is a different price from your original auto renew order we will need to cancel your standing order with us and you will need to re-do the process.